The Oly line was founded in Berkeley, California by designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger.  Kate and Brad have been designing award-winning furniture for over 15 years.  Oly's furniture and accessories at Chintz & Company present a fresh blend of clean lines and antique motifs, blending the contemporary with the traditional.  Every piece of furniture and accessory is handcrafted and has natural variations.

Custom finishes and upholstery are available! Please ask one of our Design Associates for the Oly Studio design book in store.

Chintz & Company - Oly Studio

Diego Bench 24W/17D/18H
Bench Diego 24W/17D/18H
ALL - 209521 OLY
Diego Bench 46W/16D/17H
Bench Diego 46W/16D/17H
ALL - 196338 OLY
Diego Bench 66W/18D/18H
Bench Diego 66W/18D/18H
ALL - 209506 OLY
Diego Bench 66W/18D/18H
Bench Diego 66W/18D/18H
ALL - 209520 OLY

Bench Neta Hide 23W/17D/19H
Perched Bird 12in
Bird Perched 12in
ALL - 209408 OLY

Perched Bird 6.5in
Bird Perched 6.5in
ALL - 209409 OLY
Noble Bust 22W/38H
Bust Noble 22W/38H
ALL - 206305 OLY
Fiver Rabbit Bust
Bust Rabbit Fiver 13W/24H
ALL - 196267 OLY
Ramsey Sheep Bust
Bust Ramsey Sheep 16W/22H
ALL - 196266 OLY

Accent Animal Busts
Busts OLY Animals
ALL - 209539,40,41

Diego Console 60W/18D/32H
Console Diego 60W/18D/32H
ALL - 206310 OLY
Console Faline 72W/24D/30H
Console Fersen 43W/23D/31H
Console Fersen 43W/23D/31H

Gato Figure 29W/17H
Figure Cat Gato 29W/17H
ALL - 206304 OLY

Diego Table 28W/28D/29H
Table Klemm 20RND/27H
Sea Urchin 8,12,24in
Sphere Sea Urchin 8,12,24in
ALL - 209403,4,5 OLY

33W/54H Klemm
33W/54H Klemm
MIR - 209525 OLY
41W/65H Klemm
41W/65H Klemm
MIR - 209415 OLY

Diego Q/K 66W/86D/90H (Q)
Bed Diego Q/K 66W/86D/90H (Q)
OLY - 187006/187007
Diego Q/K 66W/86D/90H (Q)
Bed Diego Q/K 66W/86D/90H (Q)
OLY - 196263/196264

Meri Chandelier 36in

Klemm Floor Lamp
Lamp Floor Klemm
OLY - 209480

Vincent Floor Lamp
Lamp Floor Vincent
OLY - 206302