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Almost a century ago Lloyd Loom baby carriages were all the rage and soon to follow, Lloyd Loom furniture could be found on countless cruise ships, royal yachts, and in the royal boxes at Wimbledon, Henley and Twickenham. Attractive and trendy, the Lloyd Loom dates back to 1917... and you might not suspect that these refined, but extremely solid, stylish and comfortable chairs are made from paper! 

Easy to maintain, strong and durable, ages beautifully, legendary seating comfort, smooth weave which does not scratch or snag clothing... all made from Lloyd Loom weave - Kraft paper woven around steel wire.  

Vincent Sheppard stands for comfortable, elegant, legendary furniture. The Vincent Sheppard Lloyd Loom Collection is handmade by skilled craftsmen and designed for you to enjoy your moments. Take your time to relax and unwind with family and friends. Enjoy good food and good conversations. These thoughts are part of Vincent Sheppard creative process as they create furniture for you.

Vincent Sheppard, Lloyd Loom Collection at Chintz Company.

London Arm Chair - Mocha

London Side Chair - Flax

London Side Chair - Flax

Tokyo Chair - Black

Anna Arm Chair - Patina

Anna Arm Chair - Flax

Anna Arm Chair - WhiteWash

Anna Side Chair - Ivory

Anna Side Chair - Patina

Butterfly Arm Chair - WhiteWash

Butterfly Arm Chair - WhiteWash

Butterfly Arm Chair - Patina

Butterfly Arm Chair - Patina

Butterfly Arm Chair - Black

Butterfly Side Chair - Flax

Butterfly XL Chair - WhiteWash

Joe Chair - White

Joe Chair - Black

Joe Counter Stool - White

Sydney Arm Chair - WhiteWash

Sydney Arm Chair - Patina

Sydney Arm Chair - WhiteWash

Kubo Hamper - White

Laura Hamper - White