The Phillips Collection defines global style for the contemporary market. With the same spirit of innovation, they discover design and designers, and match them with an incredible range of production resources developed over decades of travel.

The Phillips Collection thrives on of innovative new concepts. With new categories and new materials, each market features products that can be found nowhere else. Taking ceramic vases into the realm of sculpture, creating striking combinations of unexpected materials, and bringing a designer’s eye to a museum collection, The Phillips Collection is the conduit for a wide range of fresh ideas. The Phillips Collection is a creative collaboration that mixes concept and craftsmanship to bring beautiful home furnishings and accessories into sophisticated homes around the world.

Every piece a conversation...

Phillips Collection at Chintz & Company.

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12W/12H Broken Egg
12W/12H Broken Egg
ART - 201076 PHI
Ceramic Face Plaque
Batfish Plaque
21W/16H Fish/ Batfish
ART - 192405 PHI
22W/22H Wall Disc
22W/22H Wall Disc Copper
ART - 203735 PHI
22W/22H Wall Disc Gold
22W/22H Wall Disc Gold
ART - 200369 PHI

Silver Wall Disc
22W/22H Wall Disc Silver
ART - 179176 PHI
Permit Fish
31W/18H Fish/ Permit
ART - 196002 PHI
Mackerel Fish Plaque
33W/15H Fish/ Mackerel
ART - 192410 PHI
Kingfish Fish Plaque
34W/11H Fish/ Kingfish
ART - 192411 PHI
Stag Corbel 40W/19D/34H
40W/19D/34H Stag Corbel
ART - 205827 PHI

Fish - Barracuda
52W/14H Fish/ Barracuda
ART - 196003 PHI
Broadbilled Fish
56W/15H Fish/ Broadbilled
ART - 192409 PHI
Wahoo Fish Plaque
58W/18H Fish/ Wahoo
ART - 192412 PHI
Molten Wall Disc 12,30,39in
Molten Wall Disc 12,30,39in
ART - 210083,4,5 PHI
Silver Torchiere Candle Holder
Candle Holder Torchiere 20,27,49in
CAN - 169869,179179,80 PHI

Augustus Bust
Augustus Bust
PHI - 196008
Bronze Gorilla
Bronze Gorilla
PHI - 171667

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