Artist Kolene Spicher has a unique style and flair with her paintings that is easily recognizable. Many of the current design ideas in the market place have been a direct result of her creativity. She has decorated most of the top name department stores with her modern abstract paintings, and her designs have been used by major brands in their advertising campaigns. Kolene’s artwork has been produced and used on a special series of Alicia Klein’s leather “taxi wallets”. And TV shows from “the Sopranos”, “Even Stevens” and full feature films including “Deep End of the Ocean” have requested permission to use Kolene’s artwork in their filming.

Spicher & Company at Chintz & Company.

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Big Leaf III 08W/11H
08W/11H Big Leaf III
ART - 192876 SPC
Big Leaf IX 08W/11H
08W/11H Big Leaf IX
ART - 192874 SPC
Big Leaf V 08W/11H
08W/11H Big Leaf V
ART - 192873 SPC
Big Leaf VII 08W/11H
08W/11H Big Leaf VII
ART - 192875 SPC
Big Leaf II 08W/11H
12W/07H Big Leaf II
ART - 192877 SPC

Big Leaf IV 12W/07H
12W/07H Big Leaf IV
ART - 192878 SPC
Big Leaf VIII 12W/07H
12W/07H Big Leaf VIII
ART - 192879 SPC
12W/12H Parfume La Reine
12W/12H Parfume La Reine
ART - 201055 SPC
12W/12H Parfume Le Miel
12W/12H Parfume Le Miel
ART - 201058 SPC
12W/12H Parfume Les Gens
12W/12H Parfume Les Gens
ART - 201056 SPC

12W/17H Stacked Teacups I
12W/17H Stacked Teacups I
ART - 202301 SPC
12W/17H Stacked Teacups II
12W/17H Stacked Teacups III
12W/17H Stacked Teacups IV

12W/17H Stacked Teacups V
12W/17H Stacked Teacups V
ART - 202305 SPC
12W/17H Stacked Teacups VI
Bouquet-Cherish 12W/26H
12W/26H Bouquet-Cherish
ART - 193431 SPC
Love Bouquet 12W/26H
12W/26H Bouquet-Love
ART - 193430 SPC
14W/14H Seashell Clam
14W/14H Seashell Clam
ART - 201044 SPC

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