Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, a contemporary style of decorating: affordable, movable, desirable, with the timeless quality of enduring beauty. Highly collectible, Chintz & Company carries a huge selection of current and classic Sid Dickens decorative tiles.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks at Chintz & Company

***SPO1 2018 Mi Amor
***SP04 Mom
***SP04 2018 Mom
SDD - 212515
***SP05 Mum
***SP05 2018 Mum
SDD - 212516

***SP06 Dad
***SP06 2018 Dad
SDD - 212517
***SP07 2018 O Canada
***SP07 2018 O Canada
SDD - 209268 (TBC)

***T438 Valiant

***WP04 Kindness