In 1911 Egisto Orlandi traveled from Lucca, Italy to Chicago, Illinois where he founded Orlandi Statuary. As he took great pride in his craft and reputation, Orlandi’s casting soon set the industry standard of excellence. Artists, interior designers and museums relied upon the careful detailing and impeccable quality standards he demanded. The Orlandi family continues to meet the design trends of the 21st century. Four generations of experience and knowledge.

Orlandi Statuary today is crafted as light-weight Fiberstone which is sand and stones cast into the surface using an Italian terrazzo-like method to create an authentic-look stone finish. The surface is then sandblasted and reinforced with fiberglass. These highly durable urns, planters and pedestals are light-weight, all-weather durable and can be left outside indefinitely as long as good drainage is provided.

Orlandi planters do not come with a drainage hole. If you purchase an Orlandi planter for garden planting, please ask our staff and we will drill the hole for you at no cost.

With the wide range of finishes these antique reproductions are a stunning addition to any garden or patio. Selection of beautiful, authentic stone colour tones available for custom orders.

Chintz & Company - Orlandi Statuary

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