Laguoile - Knife Set6 Ivory PLATINE


Price: $169.00 (CAD)

SKU: 218442 KTF

PLATINE is the double row of nails on the handle. This design is priced approximately 30% more than our simple handle.  

Laguiole - World renowned for the extraordinary cutting blade design & quality in stainless steel. Made to be a must knife for every plate at table for effortless slice of bread, salad greens, roots, fruits & meat. This iconic knife continues to be tooled today in the 1920 established factory in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France. Our collection has Dishwasher safe handles. The heavy solid wood barrel stand will keep this favourite knife-set grounded & centre-table ready with your eclectic collection of Olive oils, Balsamic, herbed sea salts ... etc!