Michael Aram is an American born artist who now lives and works from his studio in New Delhi, India. Each piece is lovingly made using age old traditional techniques.  He bridges the gap between artist and artisan - a hallmark of Michael Aram's work.  Appropriately, in Hindi, 'aram' means 'gently, with peace with love and care'.  Aram succeeds in making high quality work, which is as much a personal statement, as its appeal is universal.

Chintz & Company's Michael Aram collection is extensive and, like so many unique things, is best viewed in person to note the detail and uniqueness of each piece.  Collectible and also a wonderful and special gift idea for someone special.

Michael Aram at Chintz & Company

WHITE ORCHID Dispenser (208388), Tumbler (208389), Box 3X4 (208386),
Tissue Box (208387)

WHITE ORCHID Vase 5x7 (111821), Tray 8x6 (208391), Frame 7x5 (208392),
Frame 10x8 (193351 not shown)

WHITE ORCHID Vase 4x7 (206573), White Marble Board 18x10 (208393),
2 Tier Stand 9x18 (208371), Cake Stand 11x6 (208394), Bread Knife (202939),
Cake Server (208395)

WHITE ORCHID Compote 12x8 (208372), 6 Compartment
Condiment Plates 11in (208396)

WHITE ORCHID Salad Bowl 9in (193347), Serving Set (193350)

GOLDEN OLIVE BRANCH Bowl 10in (189429), Nut Bowl 5in (188466)

BUTTERFLY GINKGO Pitcher 92oz/9in (208357), Nut Dish 8x9x6 (201786),
Bowl 13x15in (201784)

BUTTERFLY GINKGO Bowl 12x9 (208351), Vase 10x13h (201787),
Pitcher 92oz/9in (208357), Keepsake Box 5x3in (208358),
Candle Holder 8x4x3 (208397), Candle Snuff (199753)

PALM Bowl 17RND (203694)

PALM Platter 23x10in (203038)

PALM Cutting Board TBC

PALM Pitcher 68oz 7x8in (204128)

GOLDEN LEAVES Banana Leaf 27x9in (195533), Magnolia Leaf 19x9in (195536),
Monstera Leaf 22x17x4 (195537)

GOLDEN LEAVES Sago Leaf Platter (195538)

BOTANICAL LEAF Soap Dish (191940), Tissue Box (189446),
Waste Basket 8x10in (208398)