For over 30 years Leftbank Art has provided the latest in canvas art to the design world. The line is created on site in their Southern California facility where their attention to detail and quality drive the manufacturing and creation of our artwork.

With a wide variety of sizes and styles by new and acclaimed talents they are the first choice in quality canvas art. All the work is hand embellished, bringing a realistic painted look to Giclees offering a one of a kind representation of artwork.

Chintz & Company carries an extensive collection of Leftbank Art OVERSIZE prints.  Size, frame and finish options are available for each print.

Leftbank Art at Chintz & Company.

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Ostrich 32W/42H
32W/42H Ostrich
ART - 192869 SPC

Balloon NY 35W/48H
35W/48H Balloon NY
ART - 192895 SPC
Balloon Red Hot 35W/48H
35W/48H Balloon Red Hot
ART - 192896 SPC
Aristotle II 36W/36H
36W/36H Aristotle II
ART - 193278 LBA

Noir Nude I (30in x 41in)
36W/50H Noir Nude I
ART - 181993 LBA

36W/57H/Framed Foggy River

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