For over 30 years Leftbank Art has provided the latest in canvas art to the design world. The line is created on site in their Southern California facility where their attention to detail and quality drive the manufacturing and creation of our artwork.

With a wide variety of sizes and styles by new and acclaimed talents they are the first choice in quality canvas art. All the work is hand embellished, bringing a realistic painted look to Giclees offering a one of a kind representation of artwork.

Chintz & Company carries an extensive collection of Leftbank Art OVERSIZE prints.  Size, frame and finish options are available for each print.

Leftbank Art at Chintz & Company.

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Pressing Matters
50W/40H Pressing Matters
ART - 179793 LBA
Quick Step (50in x 40in)
50W/40H Quick Step
ART - 184825 LBA
Celebration Soon 50W/50H
50W/50H Celebration Soon
ART - 195556 LBA
Etranger 50W/50H
50W/50H Etranger
ART - 196017 LBA
Soft Summer Horizon 50W/50H

Antiquities 50W/60H
50W/60H Antiquities
ART - 195814 LBA
Bronze Field 54W/54H
54W/54H Bronze Field
ART - 191272 LBA
Storm Clearing 54W/54H
54W/54H Storm Clearing
ART - 191774 LBA
Before Nightfall (24in x 32in)
54W/71H Before Nightfall
ART - LBA 24W/47W/54W
Lumiere 54W/72H
54W/72H Lumiere
ART - 195638 LBA

Turquoise Trifle 54W/72H
54W/72H Turquoise Trifle
ART - 197499 LBA
Ocean Liner 56W/47H
56W/47H Ocean Liner
ART - 194056 LBA
Decadent I 60W/30H
60W/30H Decadent I
ART - 190555 LBA
Blue Wind (Oversize/60W)
60W/40H Blue Wind
ART - 180493 LBA
Free Style (Oversize/60H)
60W/40H Free Style
ART - 181173 LBA

La Sieste 60W/40H
60W/40H La Sieste
ART - 195812 LBA
Morning Dew 60W/40H
60W/40H Morning Dew
ART - 195813 LBA
Remix Horse (60in x 40in)
60W/40H Remix Horse
ART - 184866 LBA
Lady On Bed II 60W/44H
60W/44H Lady On Bed II
ART - 190354 LBA
Horse Lying Down 40W/32H
60W/47H Horse Lying Down
ART - LBA 40W/60W

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