Habidecor Abyss Super Pile Towels

Abyss Habidecor SUPERPILE luxury bath towels at Chintz & Company are the thickest, most absorbent and beautiful towels you will ever discover. 100% GIZA EGYPTIAN COTTON in extra heavyweight 700 GRAMS is unparalleled luxury. Thoroughly tested as being the most superior in absorption, durability &  colorfastness, these towels are the very best. Once you discover SUPERPILE, no other towel will ever do.

We recommend most of all - the SHEET size for your every day personal towel. A magnificent 72X40in is a perfect full body towel wrap. 

We carry high stock in our stores. Tour our Super Pile catalogue. Inquire for stock in our item link to our location nearest you. 

Wash Cloth - 12x12 - $36.00,  Tip Towel 20x12 - $42.00,  Hand Towel - 30x17 - $69.00,  Bath Towel - 54x28 - $159.00,  Delux Towel 59x39 - $259,  Bath Sheet - 72x40 - $299.00

MUST Bathmats are dyed to match all Abyss Superpile colours. We carry stock in most towel colours in sizes  20x31 - $279.00, 23x39 - $379.00, Special Order - 23x23 - $259.00, 27x47 - $519.00, 31x63 - $719.00